Thanksgiving, 2016

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Spring Break, 2005

Spring Break with the Grandkids in DC 2005 We spent most of our time at the Museum of Natural History. They were just old enough (Megan was 11), to maybe remember those big bones.

Spain, 1999

The picture on the left is a good summary of our trip to Spain–the flowers overflowing the walls of our condo accentuate the beauty of this country; the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the El Tajo Gorge, the flamenco dancers, the White Cities, and the Matador culture, just to name a few. Kayela and I went with a good friend of ours from Oklahoma, Melva. She met…

Merida, 1996

Left Richmond on Saturday, Aug. 10, at 7:10am EST, arrived Merida 6:15pm CST. We were in a DC-9 to Miami, and will try to avoid that model plane from now on–very noisy. Ate Saturday evening at La Bella, just appetizers. Sunday – Fiesta Sunday is a big day in Merida, and the morning started with street dancers in the Main Plaza. Very colorful and great…