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Tender is the Flesh, by Augustina Bazerrica

This is one of the worst outcomes that humanity could potentially face in the future (I don’t count extinction, as then, there would then be no future). Mother Nature has birthed a virus that infects all the animals on Earth, and makes their meat poisonous to humans. So, what’s the alternative? Cannibalism. And it becomes an industry, where humans are raised like animals, with only one outcome to their future.

Marcos works in one of these “special meat” factories. Like the rest of the planet, he’s become innured to the inhumanity in his job. But, that seems to change when he’s gifted a woman as a workplace reward, who’s been branded as “special meat.” Instead of treating her like cattle, he’s progressively enticed into viewing her as a sex object. So, he starts treating her as more of a companion than property. Things get interesting after he impregnates her, and an inspector shows up to inspect the “goods.” Impregnating your property is illegal.

In spite of the very graphic description of how the slaughtering process takes place, it’s very well written. If you like horror, and if can get past too much visualization, it’s an interesting concept to contemplate.

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