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The Housekeeper, by Natalie Barelli

This book has one of the most ingenious plots I’ve ever read, and has a stupendous ending. Claire, who is plotting revenge, takes a job as housekeeper for her target (Hannah). To pull it off, she switches identities with a new housekeeper before the new hire shows up for her first day on the job.

Hannah doesn’t recognize Claire, because the incidents that set Claire off occurred several years back, when Hannah was young. The plot appears to be going very well, and the two of them appear to become friends. But, in their progression through the story, Claire starts to realize that the foundation of her hatred for Hannah may have been a misunderstanding.

But, in the meantime, Hannah’s husband has a big secret that Claire stumbles on to, and the husband is willing to do anything to hide it. This is a really good book to listen to on a road trip. It’s a psychological thriller that will keep everyone on edge of their seat.

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