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The Menu

An extreme foodie is invited to an exclusive dinner party, inviting a last minute girlfriend to go along with him. The girfriend, Margot, is not easily impressed, and has a … Read more

TV Guide for cordcutters

I’ve been frustrated by normal TV guides when it comes to showing OTA channels. I’m sorry, but I just can’t remember what channels are represented by 8.2, 35.3, etc. And … Read more

Millipede on Your PC

I cannot believe how good this game is. You youngsters won’t be able to identify, but you should try it. Even with a mouse, it’s addictive. I used to spend … Read more

Skeptical of Skeptic Magazine

Ever hear of Skeptic Magazine? I browse it once in a while, and most of the articles have good logic. But a couple of times I have found articles that … Read more

The Downside of eBooks

I saw a post on audiobooks, where a frequent contributor was lamenting the fact that he couldn’t find newly released books on Amazon, yet could find them on audiobooks.com (sells … Read more