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Cancun 2019

Saturday – Arrival Our cousin June, visiting from Span, flew with Kayela and me, and Linda and Jill arrived at different times from North Carolina and Florida. Kayela and I … Read more

Cancun 2017

We left around noon, and 24 hours later, this was our view. Transportation from the Cancun airport is pretty much a must–you can wade through the vendors as you exit … Read more

Cancun 2014

Saturday Flew to Philly, then cancun at 7:45, got to Cancun at 12:50 pm. Airport transfer was through canada tours, $53 round trip, plus $1 for a Corona on the … Read more

Cancun 2013

We took three of the grandkids this year–Megan, Mason, and Jordan. And the biggest kid of all, Aunt Lala. Probably the most fun day (for the grandkids) was the one … Read more

England, 2017

I have been promising family in the United Kingdom for years that I was going to visit soon, and I finally managed to do it. I correspond fairly regularly with … Read more

50th KHS Reunion, 2015

Kingfisher High Reunion 2015 May 20, and our grandson John’s first trip to Oklahoma, and his first Frito Pie.

Looking for a Dynamite B&B?

I’ve been looking for years. A B&B in the Blue Ridge or Appalachian Mountains that had a view looking down into a valley. I’ve found B&B’s in the mountains, but with no … Read more

Cancun 2012

With this kind of beginning, how can we go wrong? We managed to arrange our flight time so we didn’t have to get up while it was still dark. I … Read more

Branson 2012

We did things a little differently this year–KK flew into OKC  from Richmond on Thursday, to drive out with Deanne and Jeanne on Saturday, and I arrived in Branson from … Read more