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Night Teeth

A trainiee chauffeur gets an unusual assignment with three young lady partiy hoppers. As the night goes, the stops they make get stanger and stranger. And when he sneaks into … Read more

Army of Thieves

A very entertaining crime movie. Dieter is a fan of a man who was famous for making three elaborate safes. Safes that were built around mythological themes. Dieter is only … Read more


A good revenge movie, with an unusual twist. No, I can’t tell you what it is. An assassin must find a killer within 24 hours, or it will be too … Read more

Red Notice

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) combine for a hilarious and surprisingly good romp of a jewelry heist. Actually, several heists. Think of Tomb … Read more


Who doesn’t love their momma? But, what if you discover a secret about her that you can’t forgive? Chloe is a wheelchair bound teenager, and except for that one disadvantage, … Read more

Bone Tomahawk

An interesting blend of western and horror genres, this movie will have you wondering where it’s going one minute, and then shrieking in shock, the next. Kurt Russell plays the … Read more

Slow Burn, movie review

A cut above your normal murder mystery, and very enjoyable. No long, drawn out pointless conversations, plenty of action and slow burning intensity. And you can’t go wrong with Ray … Read more

Dismissed, movie review

Good psycho thriller, about a new high school student that appears to be excellent at everything he does. Maybe, a little too much, when he starts correcting his literature teacher, … Read more

What Happened to Monday?

In this dystopian future, you’re only allowed to have one sibling. And there are dire circumstances if you try to violate the law. One family pushes it, and manages to … Read more

The Perfection, movie review

Starts out innocently enough: two world class cellists meet up and become lovers. But one of them has an ulterior motive; one that will lead to betrayal, physical violence, blood … Read more