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Hyperion, by Dan Simmons

A syfy novel centered around a group of thought-to-be unbeatable alien creatures called the Shrike, that will one day destroy all of humanity. Which is doubly bad, because it will … Read more

Jane Steele, by Lyndsay Faye

“Reader, I murdered him.” That’s a great byline. It captures the idea of the author speaking to the reader, using the frank manner in which Jane weaves her tale. Jane’s … Read more

Secret Santa, by Andrew Shaffer

Didn’t quite get this book. It starts off spooky enough, with Lussi’s quick wit landing her a job at a prestigious publishing firm. Then, the interviewer suddenly dies. He was … Read more

The Troop, by Nick Cutter

A Boy Scout trip like you’ve never imagined. They’re on an island for a weekend outing, and the troop leader has mandated they leave their cell phones at home. Hmmm, … Read more

Pretty Things, by Janelle Brown

Nina is a ballsy, high end thief. But, she’s pretty. That gives her the upper edge when she moves in for a lucrative con job on a rich heiress–Vanessa. Vanessa … Read more