Thanksgiving, 2016

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The Troop, by Nick Cutter

A Boy Scout trip like you’ve never imagined. They’re on an island for a weekend outing, and the troop leader has mandated they leave their cell phones at home. Hmmm, no way to call for help. A stranger arrives, who turns out to be big trouble. The stranger has an unquenchable appetite–and eats everything in sight. But, seems to lose weight at the same time….

Pretty Things, by Janelle Brown

Nina is a ballsy, high end thief. But, she’s pretty. That gives her the upper edge when she moves in for a lucrative con job on a rich heiress–Vanessa. Vanessa is also a high profile social influencer, so that’s Nina’s “in.” The story is long, but there are a lot of subplots that keep it interesting: Nina has been in Vanessa’s mansion via a high…

Tender is the Flesh, by Augustina Bazerrica

This is one of the worst outcomes that humanity could potentially face in the future (I don’t count extinction, as then, there would then be no future). Mother Nature has birthed a virus that infects all the animals on Earth, and makes their meat poisonous to humans. So, what’s the alternative? Cannibalism. And it becomes an industry, where humans are raised like animals, with only…

Sandy River Adventure

There is an incredible zip line adventure just an hour’s drive from Richmond-Sandy River Adventure Park. We’ve been there before, but it’s just as good as ever. This picture features Owen, Tristan, and Even, but here’s a link to all the pictures.

Florida with Tristan and Ethan

Since we weren’t able to fly to Mexico this year, aka “The world has gone nuts over the virus,” and we needed to take a week or lose it with our timeshare, we opted for Florida. We limited our cargo to two of the four Patton grandkids, as four was just too many to handle. We ended up with Ethan and Tristan. The picture is…

The Silent Wife, by Karin Slaughter

If I’d wanted a romance novel, I would have looked for one. I was fooled by all the positive reviews. I had none of the technical problems nor the brutality (never got that far). i do not normally give up on books unless it’s really hopeless, and this one was worth about 50 pages.


Who doesn’t love their momma? But, what if you discover a secret about her that you can’t forgive? Chloe is a wheelchair bound teenager, and except for that one disadvantage, is living a pretty normal life with her mom. But one day, she spots a little label in a grocery bag, and it turns her life upside down. Uh oh, mom finds out she knows,…

Bone Tomahawk

An interesting blend of western and horror genres, this movie will have you wondering where it’s going one minute, and then shrieking in shock, the next. Kurt Russell plays the part of the town sheriff, and leads a small posse after some local town people are kidnapped by some wild Indians. But, these are not your normal, run of the mill, red people. As they…

The Silent Patient, by Alex Michaelides

Starts off as a murder mystery, but turns into a psychological thriller. My wife and I listened to the book on a long road trip, and it kept us guessing the entire way. This is one of those books that will draw multiple types of people, as it combines mystery, puzzles, curiosity, and a little gore. Alicia has, without provocation, killed her husband, having been…

Merrick, by Anne Rice

Did not like this one at all. Rice normally writes some dull scenes here and there, but this one is one big dull scene. It starts off well enough, introducing us to a new witch, Merrick. Downhill from there.